HCO Aioli
HCO Aioli
HCO Aioli
HCO Aioli
HCO Aioli
HCO Aioli
HCO Aioli
HCO Aioli

HCO Aioli

HCO Aioli- A Spicy Garlic Dip and Spread

The HCO flavor you have grown to love in a spreadable format.  Can be used to spread on sandwiches, wraps, burgers etc for mild heat and deep flavor.  Great for dipping french fries, vegetables, chips and much more! 


  • Aioli(Soybean Oil, Water, Vinegar, Egg Yolks, Sugar, Eggs, Salt, Spices, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Calcium Disodium added to protect flavor)
  • Wine Vinegar, Concentrated Grape Must, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena(Wine Vinegar, Caramel Color) (Contines Sulfites)
  • Crispy Garlic, Olive Oil, Red Pepper Flakes, Smoked Paprika
  • * Contains: Egg, Soy



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What do I use it on? Every. Single. Dish.

From home kitchen to the fully-equipped commercial, this one of a kind product is great for cooking, dipping, dressings, savory fare and more. This stuff is very versatile.

Prepare your meal, throw in HOT CRISPY OIL and serve. Be prepared for tons of compliments.

Get your favorite dish elevator delivered to your door!

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Elevate any dish or snack

Our Hot Crispy Oil is great for cooking, dipping, dressings, savory fare and more. For everytime you want to add just enough "kick" to your favorite meal.

• Pizza
• Meats
• Pasta
• Specialty Recipes
• Bread
• Eggs & Omlettes
• Salads


Well we are still trying to find out what you can't use it for! Mostly commonly used as a topping condiment for things such as pizza , pasta, eggs , sandwiches, dumplings. Etc. The fun doesn't stop there though! Use as cooking oil, recipe enhancer, whip with mayo, hummus or cream cheese for a delicious spread. HCO is the most versatile condiment on the market, but you don't have to trust us, listen to the fans!

Don’t be scared. We didn't create this product to compete with the “Burn-your-A$$” and “Nuclear” hot sauce companies ;-). The Original is close to a 6/7 on the scale and the extra hot maybe more like 8/9.  At HCO, we think flavor should always be before heat.

It does not.  Store in a dry cool place.  In fact, any household that has HCO is a cool place ;-)

If stored properly generally over a year but check expiration sticker.  We promise it won't last that long.

We aren't too sure, but we are sure HCO is delicious on both.