Rachael Ray shares her latest “obsession”…

Rachael Ray shares her latest “obsession”…

Rachael Ray has millions of adoring fans across the country, but despite her fame and fortune, refreshingly she has never forgotten where she comes from.

Ray, a Capital Region native, grew up in Lake Luzerne and still makes her home up north.  Often on her TV show, you'll hear Ray tell stories about life growing up in the Adirondack area of the Capital Region.

Over the years, we've watched her grow from her early television days as host of 30-Minute Meals on the Food Network to have her own syndicated daily talk and lifestyle show program, Rachael Ray. 

Recently, on a newly launched Facebook show she hosts from her kitchen called RR: MM, Ray talked about using a "secret ingredient" in her recipe for a Mexican-style burger she was making that she referred to as "the item of the moment right now!"

The secret ingredient she was using was Hot Crispy Oil, a chile oil made by former La Serre restaurant owner John Trimble who created the oil in his home kitchen during the pandemic.

Described as an olive oil-based product, Hot Crispy Oil is infused with freshly fried garlic, shallots, and a proprietary blend of chili peppers.

Hot Crispy Oil is now available nationwide.

According to Trimble, Ray sent him a handwritten note thanking him after he sent her some product to try out herself.

Trimble says she's used his product before on her syndicated TV show in addition to the most recent time on RR:MM and is "obsessed" with it, ordering the oil for herself and her production team.

Here's the video of Ray cooking with her newest secret obsession, Albany's Hot Crispy Oil.



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